About JCEA

The Junee Christian Education Association Board was formed in 2011 with the support of the Protestant churches in Junee. Each church could elect three representatives to be members on the Board. The JCea board consists of ten board members.

Chairperson: Cheryl Carter > St Paul’s Uniting Church
Secretary: Jennifer Good > St Paul’s Uniting Church
Treasurer: Dawn Bergmeier > Junee Baptist Church
Prayer Coordinator: Clarice Manglesdorf > Junee Baptist Church
Public Officer: Beverley Norman > St Paul’s Uniting Church
Member: Norma Higginson > St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Member: Trevor Cooper > St Luke’s Anglican Church
Member: Reverend Glen McDonald > St Luke’s Anglican Church
Member: Helen Wrightson > St Luke’s Anglican Church
Member: Dale Asmus > Junee Baptist Church
Our funds and teach teams are an integral part of the Association and consist on volunteer members from all the Junee churches.

Vision Statement: To minister to the young people in Junee so that they can have the opportunity to receive the love and mercy that is given freely to all.

Mission  Statement: to place and support  an Special Religious Education Teacher into Junee High School so that the students could hear the message of love grace and mercy through strong bible teaching.

Adele Skewes, our first Special Religious Educator was placed in Junee High School in 2012 Through her dedication to her year 8 and year 9 students, Adele paved the way for the JCea board to approach the High School who gladly endorsed the Board’s proposal to employ an additional teacher for years 9 and 10. Mal Forsyth continued the ministry began by Adele in 2014 taking the SRE role for year 9 and 10 classes. It was wonderful to be able to provide religious education to all the students from years 7 t0 10. Mal Forsyth also took on the role of the youth group leader each Friday evening as these young people who were keen to hear more about the Lord’s grace and love for them.
In December 2015 Adele Skewes resigned and Jeremy Polkinghorne took over her role as the SRE teacher for years 7 and 8. In 2016. Jeremy and Mal taught alongside each other until 2017.
The school has always been committed, positive and co-operative with the Board and our teachers. The Principal, Mr Scott Frazier, is very committed to having SRE and Chaplaincy in the High School and understands how important this ministry is for the students.
It is very clear that God has had His hand on this ministry from day one and has gone before us into the High School. We give thanks and praise that God prepared our teachers for their role and that the students were ready to hear His Word.
HESED Youth Group
With much prayer and discussion, the JCEA Board decided to step out in faith and employ Mal Forsyth as a youth leader one day a week. We were blessed by St George Christian School in Sydney donating a substantial seeding fund to begin this ministry.
In 2017 Lucas King, was appointed as a Chaplain to Junee High School. This is very exciting as Lucas is the first chaplain to be appointment to this school. Chaplaincy compliments the SRE ministry. Chaplains can assist with social, emotional and spiritual well-being of all members of the school community. We look forward to our continuing partnership with the school, Generate Ministries and the wider community to make this ministry a success.
Through the dedication of the Junee Churches, the ongoing support of our prayer partners and the Junee community, JCea Board members, will endeavour to continue this ministry long into the future.