Chaplain Lucas King Chaplain Lucas King joined the staff of Junee High in 2017. Lucas was born and raised in Geelong. He moved to Wagga Wagga with his wife Cheryl in 2009. He has been attending Church since he was an infant. However, when he was 13 he went to a Youth Camp with his youth group and over the course of the weekend he made a conscious decision to follow his faith more seriously. After high school, he completed an apprenticeship as a Fitter and Turner, and worked for 15 years in this area. During this time, at the age of 22, he began a journey towards Youth Ministry.
When he was 25, he began working part-time as a youth minister for an Anglican church in Geelong and then moved to Wagga as a full time regional youth minister for the Anglican diocese. In 2012 he began training as a High School teacher and began teaching woodwork and metalwork in 2014.
In 2017 he followed a long time desire to be a school Chaplain and began his current work in three schools. His ministry passions are: youth work, leadership development, intercultural work, and missiology. Other passions are: playing drums, photography, and following dirt track sprint cars.


Junee High School Chaplaincy program 2019 – Term 2

Chaplains in different schools may have very different roles to each other. This is often influenced by the schools needs and the chaplain’s gifts and skills. My role as a chaplain has many facets at Junee High, however I try and draw on areas that I am skilled in and passionate about.


This term I will be running ethics/values classes for students who opt out of SRE. Having studied Ethics during my Degree, it is a subject that I enjoy raising and discussing in a classroom setting. We look at many different ethical issues that student may currently face or might face in the future. Issues such as friendships, relationships, road rules, respect for other cultures, equality, school life, and many more. The students have been fantastic and engage well with the lessons.

I also have been running a group for male students in Year 7. This group is a discussion based group where we talk about issues that relate specifically to male students. Some of the issues discussed are; identity, self-esteem, hope, resilience, and confidence. The boys have been really supportive of each other and contribute to all the discussions.


I meet regularly with students for mentoring and encouragement. Some of these students may not have regular contact with someone they can sit with and chat about life, issues they are facing, and concerns they might have about their current and future life circumstances. Sometimes we discuss friendships, family concerns, or general life skills.


I often have students come to my office for someone to debrief with about current issues they are facing. This may be past or ongoing grief and loss, friendship issues, social pressures, family concerns, and self-esteem. Sometimes they have been referred to me by school staff to help with anger management and resilience.

As I often tell people, I drive to Junee High with a smile on my face, and I drive home with a smile on my face. It is a fantastic school community to be a part of. I hope that I can continue to support the school community where needed as I represent JCea and the local churches in the school. One of my life mantras is “The joy of the Lord is my strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). It is this joy that sustains me, an hopefully, is passed onto those I walk beside.

Junee Chaplaincy Term 3 2018

As I start term 4 and begin meeting with students again, including the girls group Esteem Designs, I have been reflecting on term 3.

I ran a 5 week boys program that we call ‘Boys to Men’ with 8 students. Each week we discussed different topics around issues relating to the transition between being a teenager and entering adulthood. Topics such as Respect, Resilience, Anger, and Image were discussed. Each student was provided with a safe space in the discussions to share their thoughts and world views without ridicule or ‘put downs’.

I believe it was a fruitful time, especially the responses from the boys about the program. Each student would love to be a part of it again. Although the program is not a complete solution, or series of life changing anecdotes, for the boys it does, however, serve to plant seeds, provide a healthy framework, and create a safe space for the boys to think through their own behaviours, self-image, and worldviews.

A large part of my role at Junee High has been to mentor students and be a listening ear for those that need someone to share their thoughts, fears, concerns, and life issues with. I have been really thankful that 3 new students came to see me on their own accord.

One of the highlights for the term was in the last week of school. I was able to attend a Year 7/8 day excursion to Wagga for bowling and golf. I was able to make positive connections with a number of students with whom I have not spent much time

Overall, I believe the term was quite fruitful and an opportunity to create further rapport and connections within the school community. Moreover, it was a fantastic opportunity to serve and provide care for a wonderful school.