Praise and Prayer Points

 2019  September  Prayer and Praise

    • Lucas’ wife, Cheryl’s surgery went well and she is recovering well.
    • The Year 8 ethics classes continue to be fruitful and students are engaged.
    • Esteem Designs girls group has been fantastic, the girls are enjoying the conversations and rapport is being made.
    • The scripture classes have gone well for term 3.
    • The plant and cake stall on Saturday was a great success, almost $1400 was raised
    • Junee Primary School Years 5 & 6 are having scripture this year and are responding well to it.
    • Junee High students engage enthusiastically in the lessons.
    • For the faithful volunteers who are teaching in the High School.


    • For students who are currently experiencing trauma in their lives, please pray that Lucas can have words of wisdom to speak into their lives.
    • Lucas’s current studies at Bible College.
    • More teenagers will be moved to sign into scripture for fourth term.
    • Current year 6 students will have a desire to continue scripture in Year 7 next year.
    • Pray that there will be a change from the current opt-in to SRE policy to the former policy of opt-out for year 7 and Kindergarten
    • Pray that the SRE team will be able to continue teaching the current year 8 students who will be in year 9 in 2020.

2019   February  Prayer and Praise                          

         We wait in hope for the Lord; He is our help and shield: Psalm 33:20

                                                  PRAISE POINTS:

PRAISE God for another year of ministry in Junee High School

PRAISE God for Lucas our Chaplain’s presence in the school

PRAISE God for what He will do regarding Scripture in the school this year

PRAISE God, Lucas reported his first day back went really well, having some very productive conversations with the new year 7s

PRAISE God, students have already asked for regular mentoring/sessions

                                                   PRAYER POINTS:

PRAY for the  JCea Board for wisdom and God’s leading

PRAY for the opportunity of putting scripture lessons back into the high school this year.

PRAY for Lucas’ ministry, as chaplain, he asks that staff, students and the community will not see him but Christ through the work he does in the school.

PRAY that Lucas can make further connections with staff.

PRAY for Lucas as he forms rapport with students, especially the new group of year 7s.


  Prayer and Praise

We praise you our God who blesses us with all good things.


  • Praise God for the fruitful time experienced by Lucas and the 8 boys who were part of the program “Boys to Men”, in term 3.
  • Praise God that there are more opportunities in the High School for Lucas to create further rapport and connections within the school community.
  • Praise God for the great financial results from the two recent plant stalls and the catering at the Illabo show.


  • Keep Lucas in our prayers as he works with the girls in their current group “Esteem Designs” this term.
  • Continue to pray for Lucas’ presence in the High School and that the students will continue to come knocking on his door.
  • Pray for our High School, the principal, staff and the students.
  • Please pray as the JCea Board endeavour to encourage folk from our local churches to be part of group who will be trained to present a spiritual program to years 7&8 for five weeks of each term.
  • Continue to pray that God will raise up a Scripture Teacher for our High School.

  “Blessed are those who keep God’s statutes and seek Him with all their heart. Psalm 119:2


Lord Jesus thank you for reminding us You hear every prayer

Praise Points:

  • More students are now coming to speak with Lucas and knocking on his door, perhaps a sign that more students are feeling comfortable with this opportunity.
  • Lucas is helping 5 students with reading skills, they meet every week for 30 minutes and are now able to read a novel together.
  • Thank God for Lucas’ presence in our high school.
  • For opportunities of fund raising.
  • The faithfulness of the Junee Cea Board.


Prayer Points:

  • The 5- week boys’program, with Lucas, will go well and be fruitful.
  • Lucas would like prayer that he will continue to speak words of wisdom and compassion and that he will be the light of Christ.
  • The need of a scripture teacher
  • Good weather for the plant & cake stall 15th September in the Baptist church grounds and a pleasing result for all the work which goes into such an event.
  • We will persist in prayer and not give up, especially concerning the finding of a scripture teacher, remembering, with God, nothing is impossible.
  • Remember Junee high school, Scott Frazier the principal, staff and pupils.
  • Pray for the Christian teenagers in our school that they will continue to grow in their faith and be encouraged as they stand firm and witness to the God they love and serve.